George Hotz wants to build a self driving car all by himself to win a bet with Elon Musk

as he seems to be skeptical of the vision components supplied by Mobileye to Tesla Motors, BMW, Ford Motor, GM. “It’s absurd,” Hotz says of Mobileye. “They’re a company that’s behind the times, and they have not caught up.” Apparently he has already taken control of his Honda Accura (He applied online to become an authorized Honda service center!), implemented a lane keeping feature and is aiming to beats a Tesla Model S on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles in few months time to win a bet with Elon Musk. Based on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box in his garage, he seems to pursue a neural learning approach accelerated by the NVIDIA TX1. Now he wants to start driving for Uber so he can collect a lot of training miles 🙂

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